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  1. Quick question... I've been reading around and I'm a little confused on the price of the data feed to trade the YM on TradeStation. Several posts here have mentioned $55 but when I look at TradeStation it says $10 for the CBOT mini contracts.

    From TradeStation:

    CBOT Data Package #1
    - Mini-Sized Package and Mini-Sized Market-Depth: $10

    CBOT Data Package #2
    - Complete CBOT Exchange and CBOT Market Depth: $55

    Since all I'm interested in is the YM and none of the other contracts on the CBOT, would I really need the 2nd data package for $55?

  2. you wouldn't
  3. Thanks!
  4. Aok


    You only need the $10 one for YM, you get the mini grains and couple other commodites as well.