Ym and stops on ecbot placed through IB

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nasdaqmadness, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I dont usually take overnight trades but I decided to take a position in the ym tonight. I trade through IB and I placed a stop limit for loss protection. Do stops and stop limits trigger during the overnight session on ecbot? I have heard some bad tales about this :confused:
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    you need to make sure you set "after hours" on the stop trigger method.
  3. I can just guess... You went long.

    Michael B.

  4. Thanks def
  5. LaSalle


    here's what you do..

    configure ---> order ---> stop trigger configuration

    click the 'allowing triggering outside of regular trading order' check box.

    that's the short answer. the practical answer? read the manual. know thy broker. it will save you money.
  6. thanks to you also LaSalle :)
  7. Yes true. The simulated stops seem to react slower. I am afraid to use them when I am scalping.