YM and eCbot "lock up" or "down" concerns

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. have you been burnt by eCbot YM lock ups or system down problems?...has it drove you away from trading the YM?...please share your experiences and cautions perhaps...OR...you think there is no concern or issues...many will benefit from these answers...!!
  2. YM is moving to Globex in January. Lock ups, NO. System outages, YES. The stability of Globex should alleviate the down time concerns.
  3. where in the world did you hear this?...of course, this is all good...where did you hear this???
  4. The CME and CBOT merged. I've heard it in many places.

    This has the current info. YM pegged for 1/12/08.
  5. Maybe once every 3 months.. Today my DSL lost connection tons.
  6. Surdo


    When you trade out of your bedroom, what do you expect?
    Most professional traders have redundancy in case of a DSL or Cable outage.
  7. thanks Spectra...do you trade the YM 90-95% of the time?
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    YM was down twice recently, be prepare to cal you your broker and hedge it with DJ contract imm. You should try looking into trading ES instead.
  9. thanks...I'm hearing that more and more...I got really hurt trading the YM on the May 07 Fed day (FOMC)...was going short and the eCbot system locked up and could have made huge bucks but...system locked up..not good...I believe it will be total ES focus for me...