YM 1-3 Minute per trade "High Speed Daytrading" Journal

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  1. This journal will focus on 'high speed' YM daytrading...most trades will only last from 1-3 minutes:
    *1 contract per trade to begin...goal is to ramp up to 5-10 contracts per trade
    *Solely use 1 minute charts (volume or tick not an option)
    *researching volume per 1 minute bar
    *researching MA' crossovers on :10 :30 minute timeframe using :01 minute chart...
    Please join in with comments and observations...
    REASONS for it being the YM:
    *great small 1 point spread
    *increasing volume..
    *over to Globex, no eCbot challenges now
    look forward to the comments, thoughts etc...TOTAL focus on the YM!!!
  2. I know many of you have become tired with my many posts...but I want to say thanks very much for your great input...I have totally took 'the best' and 'left the rest'...thanks for the insight...the biggest item is...FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS...ON...one contract and one timeframe:
    For me it is...the YM and 1 minute charts...FOCUS is the only way to go!!!
  3. PROBLEMS with my trading before:
    *not focusing on one contract or timeframe
    *trading without a strategy
    *trading just off a 'hunch'
    *over trading
    *'revenge' trading
  4. What software are you using
    to scalp the YM
    Not an bad idea
    What is your daily goal on the YM -? $
  5. goodluck...keep this journal up to date for the rest of us to enjoy and possible learn from.
  6. Thanks so much for this journal. Much appreciatewd
  7. using the Global Strategy Trader through www.globalfutures.com at $300 daytrade margin...hmmm...working through the goals ($$ and pioints) per day
  8. I sure will...thanks for the post!
  9. thank you for your post!
  10. last traded the YM last Friday Jan. 18th...will post trades soon...need to access them...did not trade on MLK day...I NEVER trade on holidays...ONLY trade the YM during RTH (regular trading hours) due to higher volume and tighter spread...did not trade yesterday or today (Jan 23rd)...BUT...much time looking at charts etc..
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