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  2. So what's this - a sample of your abstract art collection? Better than most of the stuff I've seen in the National Gallery.

    Seriously, do you find meaning in this chaos?
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    yikes is right.. what an ugly, messy chart
  4. Looks like a classic porcupine pattern to me. Very bullish.
  5. So tell us - why "yikes"? Is it because it's trying to cross that top line of that huge triangle? Yikes for the shorts, or what?
  6. I know a room making 7 figures a day off that indicator.

    If you think its noise, get out of trading now before they take ALL your money.


    Now I posted this mid april here on ET and it has predicted the trajectory for 6 weeks.

    Not only that, it tells you all you need to know for the next 10 years.

    I also guarantee not one of you took the hint.

  7. Classic 'blown out diaper' pattern there...

    ...the shit's gonna hit the fan.
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    sct trader never hold overnight so to project some target over the weekend is pretty bad in itself.