Yields signal rate hikes coming soon

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Roman Candle, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. The fed has got to start raising rates.
  2. Buy dollar, rates are going to soar.
  3. not a chance until we see job gains instead of losses.
  4. Nooo!! I want more free money.
  5. Thats to far behind the curve, thats how bubbles form. I pray the morons who set rates have learned something.
  6. Do away with the Federal Reserve's rate setting and put a friggen computer in it's place. Has anyone taken a good look at mortgage rates in the last few days?

    The Fed's QE policy is a load of crap. Rates are up - and up significantly. All those refi's? There goes that. And the seemingly rush to buy some homes the last few months will fade away into nothing.
  7. Buy the dollar$$$$$$$$$$