Yield Curve is inverted

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  1. 3m...2.40%
    2y....2.38% (!)
    5y....2.37% (!!)
  2. So what do you say that implies!
  3. Buy the dip? lol
  4. Overnight


    The 10 and 30 year are still above all the previous in the list, so I see no inversion there in what tiny bit I know about that world.
  5. Sell the 2 year buy the 1 year
  6. maxinger


    so will it get more inverted or flattened?
  7. Yield curve is telling the Fed they're idiots if they keep raising rates...
  8. Explain
  9. An inverted yield curve is an indicator of coming recession, which the Fed should avert by easing money.
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    Fed Fund futures are pricing in a 50% probability of a rate cut by the end of this year. Pretty incredible, all things considered.
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