Yield curve inverted BIG TIME!

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  1. People should pay off debt, stop consuming, invest in the stock market, allow the stock market to skyrocket, give business cheap capital 2010-2012 so it can invest in real capital when financial capital and labor still are plentiful and prepare for when baby boomers retire. Do the right thing and get rich in the process lol.
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  2. I dont care where inflation is going or the economy. I own a few mutual funds in a retirement account, but I dont really care about them.

    Most of my cash is invested in king oil. While you guys were trying to blow the top off of some tech companies in Oct/Nov, I was banging the oil barrel in the streets of NYC.

    Someone is going to be listening soon to my oil barrel. I hope oil goes to 100 a barrel.
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    last week some guy predicted 100+ oil shortly and gas going to 4-5 bucks. Tough to think that but you never know what could happen.
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  4. Yeah I hope oil goes to 100 a barrel also, I will get a lot of tech stocks with my Norwegian krone then. The Norwegian government will also buy a lot of stocks and bonds if oil prices reach 100. It invests its huge budget surplus (due to high oil prices) in foreign markets. 300 billion US $ is invested already, hardly much by international standards, but a lot since we are only 4 million people. I vote for lower taxes but nobody listen over here..
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  5. i'd love to borrow a ton of money right now. it's so cheap. who can't earn more than 6-7% a year? you'd have to uber lazy.
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