yhoo will announce layoffs this week during conf call

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by xxxskier, Jan 27, 2008.

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    listen to the earnings call after the close on 1/29.

    this is what the street has been waiting for at yhoo. a 10% - 20% cut.

    re earnings, they will meet or beat. if they give good forward guidance and the market isn't selling off, yhoo should be up wed. morning.
  2. Yahoo has a horrid managment team
  3. I keep shorting on the rallies. Yahoo is going to take another big dump soon.
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    oh, i probably shouldn't do this, going against my better judgement to make predictions.......but oh well....

    tomm. after the bell in YHOO's earnings call they will not only announce a layoff but will also report a very strong Q4 and will raise guidance. yhoo shorts will be suprised on wed. morning.
  5. So they gonna shit the bed or will they manipulate this higher? D-day for this old "tech giant"
  6. But, but.....alibaba, Fast Money guys loves it at $30+. They said it would go so high.....I'll buy at $15 for a trade.:)
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    yhoo down google following.....
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    My guess is Yahoo will get bought out sometime this year.

    Could be either Microsoft or Murdoch.
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    If Yahoo decides to sell, I won't be surprised if a media company comes in to start a bidding war. Things could get interesting.
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    a P.E. firm was about to make a bid for yhoo this week as well.

    this will come out soon in the press.

    yhoo BOD won't let it go easily. it will have to go to a shareholder vote...and that won't happen until June, the next shareholder meeting. yhoo has a posion pill clause that triggers at 15% ownership., the corp. bylaws prevent any special shareholder meetings held outside the regularly scheduled annual meeting in June.

    a good chance that yhoo ceo and BOD will try to negotiate with the PE firms, now seen as a white knight. even if msft ends up with yhoo in June, it will go for more then the 31 per share offer.

    mark this post and come back in June.
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