YHOO taking marketshare from GOOG

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by xxxskier, Mar 5, 2007.

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    this ad agency blog shows search advertisers shifting money from GOOG to YHOO due to new ad technology platform - Panama- that significantly changed the algorithms that yhoo uses.

    YHOO has been holding up very well since 2/27.

    Put up a chart of GOOG next to a chart of YHOO since 2007 began. Very interesting.

    YHOO continues to be market leader in graphical ads (banners) and is just beginning to bring in more revenue from search ads. GOOG is a one trick pony in comparison.
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    its on the move NOW.
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    today is a classic shake-out on 'bad news'.

    AT&T looking to end its rev share deal with yhoo, headlines read, "Yahoo to lose 200 million in revenue from "

    according to my math 200M is less then 4% of 5.5B in revenue.

    current reports from advertisers show new technology ad platform Panama is working very well....advertising is the main rev stream... this will more then make up for the AT&T deal.