YHOO seems a buy now

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. hajimow


    Market down but YHOO up.

    Do your own DD. You should have followed YHOO before to commit yourself to go long.
    Quarterly report will be on April 16.
  2. S2007S


    Its up because they are laying off 2000 people!

    I wouldnt touch this stock, if they havent turned the company around these last 5+ years they probably never will.

    How many times have they tried to turn this company around?
  3. theFarmer


    best deal they had is long gone. MSFT offers to buy them out at a 50% premium back in 08 and then CEO jerry yang says no. the stock has never been the same.

    subperforming market for past 10 months as well. narrow downward trend.
  4. hajimow


    Nothing (bad things on YHOO I mean) will last for ever. It is outperforming S&P and tech today. It was up early but now red but I see opportunity here. Calls are expensive which is another sign that some people are betting on it.

    Remember in 1999 APPL was the WORST stock.
  5. hajimow


    The best trade would be IMHO:
    Sell YHOO PUT 15 APRIL 05 and buy CALL 17 APRIL 20 with credit.
  6. theFarmer


    good trade. you get a wider credit spread but for a lower premium+higher liquidity, I think the 16 April calls might be better. market is sour right now, could drag the underlying lower in late day.
  7. YHOO is over bought going in to today, does not look good from my scan this morning.How ever GMCR is still a play. Go long at 44.45 stop 42.55 did not hit stop yet but you could put in a BUY-STOP-LIMIT at 44.45 good for the day it might trigger. Almost forgot if you get the trade max hold time 5 days target 5-7%.
  8. hajimow


    YHOO might close green in this down day. That would be interesting.
  9. To heck with today....

    The bigger picture...

    1. If you're long or getting long, you don't want to see it take out $14.35.

    2. There is nothing significant until it takes out $16.80.

    Between those values is just noise.
  10. hajimow


    I have made 95K in the last 7 months from these noise.
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