YHOO rejects $40+ billion from MSFT and BSC bought for $250M

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. S2007S


    Just amazes me to see this happen to BSC, I mean $250 million dollars for the buyout and YHOO rejects $40 billion less than 2 months ago.......even facebook thinks its worth $15 billion dollars......

    If BSC just sold for $250 million bucks its very hard to fathom facebook being worth even $250,000........

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    after seeing what can happen to a company thats been in business for over 80 years being bought out for nearly nothing makes you think how much some of these other companies are valued at.

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  2. All mostly the result of fucked up valuations due to FED pumping and screwing with the markets the last few years.

    An element of fear needs to return. The complacency in the last year was totally stupid.
  3. i dont think YHOO rejecting MSFT was just about the bid being too low. A merger between those two would be a disaster.

    Facebook in not worth that much. no fucking way. MSFT just had the urge to burn some cash. plus, a valuation that high keeps other bidders away.

    BSC - the fed basically bailed out BSC and probably made it clear to all involved that there needed to be a decapitation not just a haircut for this to work. $2 may undervalue BSC but considering that a lot of their assets cant be accurately valued right now, it is probably fair