yhoo price at market open monday

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  1. Looking for some opinions, what do people think yahoo's price action will be like coming monday morning?
  2. Not sure, but in hindsight the short I was holding in the last 5 minutes sure would have been a good overnight. I think a 2 point drop to the closest support level is in order although the GOOG merger talks may hold the price up more.
  3. I think YHOO will slowly move up to the $35.00 range over the coming weeks, without going below $30.00. One report says YHOO wants $40.00 and another report said MSFT might be willing to pay $35.00. Also MSFT might go directly to the shareholders and bypass the board members.

    So this deal isn't over yet.
  4. probably closer to 30 - I am sure Microsoft already expected yahoo to ask for more.
  5. I would say it would go down a bit.

    Microsoft takeover isn't clear now, and Yahoo is a troubled, overvalued company.
  6. It will go down
  7. ammo


    like to see bidu make an offer
  8. dafong


    then what will happen to msft's price?

    i think the market already priced in the possibility that yahoo was gonna turn down the 1st offer.
  9. It will trade in the $29.00 range with some downward pressure to $26.00 over the coming weeks in anticipation of a higher offer for YHOO.
  10. Trade <i>down</i>? On clearly bullish news???

    Whatever you guys are smoking, I want some!
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