YHOO max pain today for July

Discussion in 'Options' started by zxcv1fu, Jul 21, 2006.

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    is way above the current stock price:

    Doubt that YHOO will move up to that level. Tons of ITM July put options open interest still. Stock is moving up.

    Wonder what kind of closing YHOO will have today! Any guess?
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    No one likes to make a guess?

    Mean while YHOO is over $26, which is within $1 to reach the big gap area. Most 25 calls are closed but lots of puts are outstanding. This last half hour will be interesting. I have some Aug & Oct calls.
  3. What strikes and what was yhoo trading at when you purchased your aug and oct calls? What was iv at time of purchase? Why did you choose straight calls rather than vertical debit spreads? How did you decide which strikes to pick?
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    I bought after the earning when YHOO was trading around $25.2. Not going to details of my calls since this thread is not about my trading system/journal. It is about max pain theorydoes not really work like for YHOO today.

    I still wonder about the mass difference in between the open interest & volume of the YHOO July ITM puts.