Yhoo Long Vs. Short

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  1. YHOO'S CLOSE ON FRI 5/23...

    YHOO Last: 28.49 Change: +1.60 +5.95%
    Volume: 15,213,500
    Market Cap: 17.05B
    P/E Ratio: 118.71 :eek:

    I'm SHORT 1000 YHOO 28.50. :)

    Anyone trading YHOO? Who are my allies and enemies here? :D

    Any Predictions?

    YHOO $100 on Tuesday! LOL.
  2. cramer said on his tv show friday night that yhoo could double from here. i think hes nuts but rule number one is never short on valuation alone.
  3. I'm not short on valuation. Cramer is an idiot.

    Expect a BIG PULLBACK on Tuesday..
  4. just curious. what is your basis for being short. it does look like an upside blowoff but in this market its kind of risky to play those.
  5. Uhhhhh....

    just had a look at this chart,

    3 mon, 5 days;

    fully intact uptrends everywhere, man why did you do this one ?

    i do not know this stock, but if i was forced to buy or sell

    for 28.5, i would have _bought_ !!!
  6. Overbought? YHOO gained a buck sixy at nearly 6% on average trading volume. I dont like to short agaisnt a strong upward momentum, but the faster it rise, the faster it'll fall. This will be evident next week. :)

    YHOO Vs. GM

    YHOO Net Income ~50 Mil/yr
    GM Net Income ~1.7 BILLION

    and YHOO and GM are both on PAPER valued at roughly 17-18 BILLION. What a joke..
  7. KavMan


    Oh man these internet stocks sure do pop up quickly
    I would not be shorting YHOO right now
  8. No such thing as overbought..... mathematically it doesnt exist in stock markets....
  9. The only problem is.. when the stock does indeed begin to fall... you will have been stopped out a long time ago...

    The stock can easily pullback for a day or 2.. but the risk to reward is on the other side... you are playing a losers game..

    Maybe you will be right with yhoo and top tick the pullback.... but if you place 100 trades similar to Yhoo you will lose at the end... I'd rather be buying the breakouts or entering on a pullback...

  10. this isnt a strategy that i try to thrive on, just this one trade. we shall see....

    so we dont have any momentum traders long on YHOO?

    ""The Jets now on the Redskin's 25 yard line. They have that invisible player Mo Mentum. Here's the snap...back to pass...and...it's intercepted by the Redskin's...to the 50, the 40, the 30, the 20....touchdown Redskin's!!! And now the Redksin's have the Mo Mentum!!!..." Mo is a very fickle player. In fact, he only exists in your imagination... "

    so we dont have any momentum traders long on YHOO?

    happy trading :)
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