YHOO insider buys 50k shares this week

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by xxxskier, Aug 10, 2007.

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    sue decker, president, bought almost 50k shares this week.

    i've been holding yhoo for a position trade for a very long time....got in around 25 last fall and stubbornly held on.

    seeing this sec filing gave me some hope.

    anyone else long yhoo?
  2. A position trade for a very long time? You might have your timeframes confused. Maybe it started as a position trade,but now you've held through rally and decline.

    All of the internet sector is breaking down and so is the market. Yahoo has way more shares outstanding than any insider can buy. Furthermore, insiders don't necesarily know anything about the market.

    Set a stop loss below the lowest low. If it breaks this it's free fall scenario.

    To tell you the truth though there have been so many distribution candles on this thing its not even funny. You had plenty of opportunities to get out a long time ago...
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    you're right, it started out as a position trade and i got married to it.
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    Yahoo exec's stock buy seen as sign of confidence in firm
    By Ari Levy
    Bloomberg News
    Article Launched: 08/10/2007 01:37:07 AM PDT

    Yahoo President Susan Decker boosted her stake in the Internet company by 12 percent, a sign she may be optimistic about growth prospects.

    Decker, 44, purchased 47,000 Yahoo shares for $1.1 million last week, according to a filing Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That brings her ownership to about 425,000 shares, or $10.1 million, based on Bloomberg data.

    Sunnyvale-based Yahoo named Decker president June 18 in a management shake-up that brought in co-founder Jerry Yang as chief executive to replace Terry Semel. The company, which has lost market share in Internet search to Mountain View-based Google, is investing in new advertising software and upgrading its mobile-phone and video services.

    "Usually, the buying and selling of stock by management is part of the normal landscape of business," New York-based JPMorgan Chase analyst Imran Khan, who rates the shares "overweight," said in a report Thursday. "However, we believe that this isolated incidence is evidence of increasing management confidence in company performance."

    Yahoo spokeswoman Joanna Stevens declined to comment.

    The company reported last month that second-quarter profit fell 2.3 percent as Google extended its lead in Internet search and new rivals took market share in online advertising. Yang said in a conference call after the July 17 report that he would spend the next 100 days developing a long-term strategy.
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