Yhoo Ibm Intc Earnings

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    GET READY for some afterhour volatility
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    what time is it scheduled to come out?

  3. IBM slips a little

    INTC surges

    QQQQ up 25 cents in AH
  4. That was it!! today was the last down day for the markets for the next 30 years! So confident am I, that I just got a 10 million dollar loan on a 5 million dollar home with an ARM using my lawn boy and Tahoe as collateral. I paid the appraisor off to double the value so I could take the other 5 million and buy QQQQ, S&P, FXI, EWH. I will take my market profits and pay off my house in a year!!! Ain't it grand baby!!!!!!! I also bot $0 puts on the vix, loaded the boat.

    I thank you stock!!! U da MAN!!!!!

    U, U, U-S-A!
    U, U, U-S-A!
    The moneys free,
    the bears will pay!!
    U, U, U-S-A!
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    IBM trading flat

    YHOO earnings were just ok,

    INTC is the only one with good earnings tonight.

    Yet everyone is buying, tomorrow the markets will gain back all of its losses today...

    ill sell my longs tomorrow and sit patiently, remember there is alot of economic news due....
  6. QQQQ up 1.2% in AH, futures soaring
    S&P 500 1,552.70 4.70 0.30
    NASDAQ 2,190.50 14.25 0.65
  7. Add yahoo to the club.

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    I'm surprised not to see you on the oil threads...records are being set.

    I revived your old "bottom picking" post....looks nice with $88 oil :)
  9. I am a natural gas trader by profession. Our company rarely ever makes a trade in crude and we do it only when one of our producers wants to hedge. I follow it of course, but not to the degree I do natty. The Btu spread has been decoupled for so long now.

    As far as oil is concerned, I am in the camp that this parabolic move will be short lived and is not beign fundamentally supported at the moment. Once w ebroke out to new highs, this thing has been heavily bid/defended by long funds squeezing the shorts, and is peeling away from the products. The cracks are horrible.

    People seem to forget that next to fuels, plastics are the other major demand component for crude. as the consumer loses purchasing power for all that leaded plastic shit from china, demand will peel back from this sector as well. I know we are not going to buy a shitload of crap anymore for my kids at x-mas, we are going to have fewer more meaningful gifts this year.

    Crude will eventually get to $100, but I don't believe it happens this leg or this year. We have a warmer than normal winter forecasted based on moderate to strong la nina analogs, and we will have record natural gas inventories for this winter. Heating oil will not have a large domestic demand this year and winter gas demand is slack. At the earliest, springtime may get your 100 print on true fuel demand. watch the cracks, they tell tales of the real situation.
  10. Its a dollar issue. Foreigners are shedding US assets.
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