yhoo, goog, & earnings

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by keyser1, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Any thoughts as to whether yhoo & goog will beat street expectations?

    I think they both have a decent chance just given the lower expectations this q as compared to last q (kinda like how ebay missed estimates 2 qs ago and the talking heads thought they were old news, but they came thru big last q).

    Goog even though it beat estimates last q still didn't live up to street expectations and thus deflated. They're at pretty much the same exact price pt as 3 months ago, and this q the analysts have not been upping their estimates every couple weeks like they were last q.

    Yhoo met earnings, but missed revenue by a penny and got punished harshly for it. although the diff is this q they're not expected to make as much as last q, but they're also cheaper (even with the recent run up) then they were last q.
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    i think i did a good job calling them both.