YHOO Gap Trade, Short Fade Documented on YouTube

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  1. hey everyone.
    i posted a video explaining gap trading.
    got short 920 am this morn around 29 covered with a stop at 27.85. i explain how the market makers short the stock out to the street if anyone is interested. i did it on youtube so there is a time stamp. also cool rage against the machine clip in front of the nyse at the end.
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    if anyone seen my last vid on the defense market i was dead on. the sector fell apart and broke down before the major sell of. afterwards it obviously went lower.
  2. I watched yahoo trade this morning before the open but once the market opened, the quotes stopped dead. My chart never had a mark on it after that. I would appreciate knowing what happened and why:confused:
  3. sounds like a system or feed problem to me.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I thought maybe they stopped trading. All my other charts worked great. Can't understand it.
  5. when you have problems check money.msn.com they actually have free real time quotes and real time intraday charts. not the best charts but it is free and a nice back up.
  6. Thanks for the information. I'll check it out.
    Didn't realize that they have quotes. Too bad that you can't transfer them to quotetracker. I can't trade gaps without my indicators.
  7. telozo


    Or you can use this URL:


    and replace symb=yhoo with any other stock symbol, to get a nice looking real time free chart. You can play with the other parameters too. I have a small windows application that uses this url to show graphs. I just wrote it for fun. If anyone is interested pm me and I will send it to you, free of charge :)
  8. I say big deal, you made a good trade. I made the same trade BUT I also got long at 27.6 and rode it back up!

    This was much more then a simple gap fad, IMO. There are other factors in play that traders must be aware of in these situations. Fail to know them, and that trade becomes very dangerous and risky. However, awareness of those factors, led me to enter my long trade after covering my short trade for nice profits, and profit from a rise in the stock price.
  9. slow down tough guy. i just started posting vids. been on here for 5 years or so. yes many things come into this type of trade thats why i say dont trade on it. yes you could have gone long after the cover but experience tells me not to do this as i have churned myself like this many times.

    did think about going long though.

    the cover was perfect timing.
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    Isn't the fact that there was a cash bid at $31 going to limit the upside on this gap fade? You mentioned looking for $4-5 profit - with a cash tender at $31 and you shorting in the $29s, you aren't gonna make $4-5 unless the deal collapses.
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