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  1. I just sold some shares today for a quick profit. However, I am considering buying before earnings.. Does anyone think they will disappoint?
  2. Take the money to the casino.
  3. they will probably selloff due to the big runup preceding it
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    the bar has been lowered and they will beat. i don't think they will raise guidance yet, i think they are saving that for July.....don't forget they lowered the full year 07 guidance back in 06, which is one of the reasons the stock got hit so hard in 06.

    i've been hearing that yhoo's new panama search marketing platform is doing better then expected, and sooner then expected....origianlly yhoo said they wouldnt see any revenue increase from panama until second half of 07. ad agencies and search marketing companies are all abuzz about re-allocating some client money away from google and giving it to yahoo. very small amounts right now, but it signals a major developement. advertisers are generally a bit wary when they spend the vast majority of their dollars in one place....up until now they have held back their spend on yhoo because of poor performance. that may be changing now.

    a couple of analysts recently said that "panama is already priced in" . i submit to you that it can't be baked in because no one knows the full benefits, with the software designed to learn from itself over time it should only produce more and more accurate sponsored search results over time. origianlly yhoo said it would be at least 6 months after panama implentation (2/8/07) before they really knew.

    u think i'm a yhoo cheerleader or pump and dumper? do your own research.

    as far as the chart looks, once yhoo closes above 33, next stop is 35, then a quick pop up to the 40 area (also closes a big gap from 2/06) where it will probably stay until the Q2 EA in July.

    i believe yhoo will be at least 56-65 by the end of the year. i''ve been holding since Q4, i got in at various prices with a basis of about 28.

    back n Oct. 2006 i posted here on ET to buy yhoo in the mid 20s. i hope someone listened.
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    i forgot to mention that back in Feb. a BOD member bought 20,000 shares on the open market.......when was the last time you saw an insider buy 20k shares of yhoo?


    if i'm reading the sec form correctly, this was not an option exercise, but a direct purchase.
  6. I think yhoo is a good buy this year
    from 29.5 to 28.5
    Target 40 by sept

    others like
    rsh and dish are already on the go

  7. Yhoo is a very bad investment .If you buy this now you will get burned like those who took cramers buy rec at 43 in mar 2005.

    it will fall back to 20 as google continues to eat away marketshare

    yahoo search traffic falling and panama advertising platform isn;t gonna cut it.
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    insiders have been selling since yhoo went public over 10 years ago.

    show me a tech stock where insiders don't sell. and then show me a stock where an insider buys.
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    stock trdr,

    yhoo is not going back to 20 as you say. worst case scenario is that yhoo stumbles again and goes back 27/28 and then MSFT makes it move and buys. but, i highly doubt that scenario will happen. more likely that yhoo has begun a new trend upward.

    its making higher highs and higher lows; the 50 day sma crossed above the 200 day sma back in Feb., and the 200 day sma is no longer pointing downward; with the 20 day sma staying above the 50 day sma. looks like an uptrend in my book.
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