YHOO and the stale Fortune Cookie

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  1. Yahoo shares YHOO -6.23% stumbled 5.3% to $16.26 when the company said that the transfer of control of an online payment unit of China-based Alibaba Group, in which Yahoo holds a roughly 39% stake, occurred without its knowledge.

    Yahoo said in a statement that it was notified of the transfer of ownership of Alipay, which occurred in August 2010, on March 31 of this year. Yahoo said it disclosed the transfer of ownership of Alipay earlier this week only “after discussions with Alibaba Group and obtaining a better understanding of this complex situation.”


    I wouldn't trust a Chinese businessman to flush my toilet after I've left the stall.

  2. I see this is over the heads of the et sub morons.

    Hey, Sue Herrara just called China investments 'yellow flagged'

  3. fanews


    Man you should read the hate on yahoo message boards.

    The structure of these shares is non-voting shares of alibaba.

    Yahoo has no power or say on how management of alibaba conducts it's business. Non-voting shares are like bonds that have no vote.

    Balmer doesn't need the approval of the board of directors to pay 8.5 billion for skype. The board of directors is usually chosen by the CEO. therefore the boss of the company is the CEO.

    Yahoo didn't lose anything on their investment in alibaba, now if yahoo was to sell their 43% stake on alibaba, yahoo would even make a profit on their investment. The reality is Jack Ma wants yahoo off it's back and stop Bartz from calling him and bitching to him. Any broker with female clients would know what I mean.

    why because alibaba wants to go into bank payment business and cannot because yahoo owns 43% of alibaba..yahoo has to sel it's shares of alibaba but yahoo doesn't want to sell. china banking regulations dooesn't allow foreign ownership more than a a certain percentage.

    ebay's paypal makes more money and more room for growth and is more profitable than the auction classified business.

    Jack ma: Look bartz, don't call anymore bitch!
    Bartz: hangs up phone.