YG + ZG time and sales

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  1. hello ... does anyone have the ability to

    show the volume associated with the prints made this am in YG + ZG ?
    those prints for the highs
    today ( 9/01 ) are bad and I was curious how
    much volume went at the highs ...

    I know that tomm I will be able to see them on the CBOT website ...
    and it will be in this format

    100 oz Gold Futures Time & Sales (ZG)

    Date Com Mth Price Time Volume

    8/30/05 ZG DEC 4335 9:00 PM 1
  2. T+S shows me about 60 mini YG gold executed above $454.00 in 3 minute span. on thursday
    sept 1.

    Also about 18 "full size ZG gold executed above
    $454.00 in 1 minute

    it would be funny if they were all crossed againt each other and then
    price adjusted to the COMEX DEC price highs but I don't think thats what happened here

    perhaps the CBOT's assigned market makers covering the
    ZG +YG went to the bathroom and turned off his black box ?

  3. I'm surprised at some of the trades in YG that were allowed to stand. However, maybe the cbot's rationale was that, at the time of execution, gold had 4 separate markets open (5 if you count spot), so there were enough information venues and alternatives for traders to pick and choose where to execute. And since most YG traders are relatively small players, I guess not much incentive to investigate?
  4. good morning ...

    no ... the only place (s) for CBOT to look for
    comparison is DEC ( lead month presently )
    futures on COMEX and perhaps spot ( cash )

    -maybe the cbot's rationale was that, at the time of execution, gold had 4 separate markets open (5 if you count spot)-

    however ... maybe the new platform will alleviate some of the fat finger / sillyness ... sometimes seen in YG , ZG , YI , ( even YM - e mini dow )


    New functionality, other enhancements designed to meet customer demand

    -Chicago, IL, August 29, 2005 – The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT®) announced today that in response to requests from customers, the Exchange will upgrade its electronic trading platform on October 9, 2005-

  5. does anyone know whether/which of these spike trades were busted?
  6. if you have any questions on trades being
    left "as is" or being busted or price adjusted

    use common sense ... ask your broker to look into the matter for you ... but if you were affected by the bad prices ... you should have done so ASAP
    not a day or two later
  7. the trades weren't mine. I was curious because sometimes i leave orders open away from the market and am wondering how far away i can leave them and still expect them to hold if and when executed