YG-mini-Gold & YI-mini-Silver

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  1. YG-mini-Gold & YI-mini-Silver

    trading these today...

    -2.7 YG
    +.024 YI

    you trade these today?
  2. Why! Why! Why! If you can't trade the full-size contracts, then avoid those mini-contracts. :(
  3. that makes no sense at all...smaller contracts mean smaller loses and more practice...scale up to the full size/large ones...sure many would agree...
  4. Can you guess right and still overcome the spread? I've looked at these also and found they are pretty wide compared to the full size. Difficult to get a read on price action with the little ones, unless you are looking the full size and acting on the mini.
  5. it really has not been an issue with the mini's as once it goes in your direction you are fine. Yes, they are much wider though...you just really can't scalp the mini's but for sure intra-day :)30, 1-4 hour) trade in a more 'relaxed' mode...I'd actually like to somehow trade (or enter trades) for the long and huge overnight US night runs these both have pretty much daily...any thoughts? I live in the US
  6. This makes no sense dude.
    It's like "if you can't buy dinner at The Russian Tea Room, you should avoid McDonalds"...
  7. spd


    It makes sense to me. Those mini contracts are thinly traded and the price action can act wacky. Just because you are risking less per tick doesnt mean you will be any more successful.
  8. thanks...I agree with you...:D
  9. again...losses are very small and the 'psychological' NOOOO of p&l running in red is less as you know will not be as much as large contract...
  10. What risk? I trade mini silver at $183 daytrade margin..come on now...and only $1 per tick..come on now..
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