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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by PFWinkler, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. The spread and liquidity in the YG Jan contact is horrible ($1 to $1.3 spreads—with hardly any trades going on right now). When does this change?

    Also, I am new to gold trading (used to trade options and variance swaps)---any advise/books that are a must read?

    Much Thanks

  2. ess1096


    You should be looking at FEB gold.

    Roll from DEC gold to FEB gold.
  3. Thx!

    Huge difference in the spreads and vol.

    Question: Why did the contract roll out 2 months?

    Thanks again
  4. Gold trades on the "even" months cycle. "Odd" months are for pansies. :cool:
  5. to pfwinkler...you sound like a serious Gold trader...how many Gold contracts you trade at once?...how many Gold trades per day?...what hours (New York time) or whereever you live...why also, do you like trading Gold...?welcome here!
  6. I am a former (though still alive) derivatives trader based in NYC. I used to intraday trade options on various indexes; but was forced (due to a serious of unwelcomed events) to start trading gold.