YG Feb vs. YG Mar

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by ITR2744, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. ITR2744


    I'm wondering why miniGold (YG) March has such a low volume compared to the February contract since the latter will run into FirstNoticeDay in a few days?!
    Surprising for me is, that in miniSilver (YI) it's the opposite, e.g. March Volume is higher than February Volume.

    Is there a rational reason I've missed?
  2. Shagi


    The minis tend to lag in volume on most contracts - anywere you should be rolling over to April Gold and not March.
  3. Magna

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    The liquid contract months for Gold (both mini and full) are:
    Feb · Apr · Jun · Aug · Dec

    The liquid contract months for Silver (both mini and full) are:
    Mar · May · Jul · Sep · Dec

    The only one they have in common is December.
  4. ITR2744


    Thanx for the list...
  5. The New York contracts hold sway over the Chicago contracts.
  6. Shagi


    Only on the big contracts. Minis better off in Chicago