Yet More Great Publicity For Goldmans

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    From the Daily Mail

    Goldman Sachs director 'offered 28-year-old Slovakian £500,000 to leave her pensioner husband'

    A millionaire banker offered a 28-year-old Slovakian woman £500,000 to leave her pensioner husband, a court has been told.

    Yann Samuelides, a managing director at investment bank Goldman Sachs, allegedly promised the cash to Alzbeta Holmokova if she married him and left 67-year-old Denis Morley.
    The 35-year-old also threatened to kill himself if she stopped seeing him, Mr Morley told a divorce hearing at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court in London.

    The retired businessman also claimed that Mr Samuelides, from France, who became a Goldman Sachs managing director two years ago, showered his wife with gifts and rented a flat for her.
    'He bribed her to leave me,' Mr Morley, from Coventry, said. 'My wife had told him she loved and respected her husband. She said she was happy and had to refuse him.

    'He threatened to commit suicide if she stopped seeing him. So I said: "You’d better keep seeing him."
    'His response was: "Here’s a £5,000 diamond ring, here’s a £1,500 handbag and £3,500 cash."
    'Eventually he said: "Leave your husband and come and live with me and I’ll give you £500,000." She has told me that she’s with him for the money. She’s not going to get the £500,000 unless she marries him.'
    Mr Morley admits having once threatened to kill Mr Samuelides. His wife filed for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
    Neither Mr Samuelides nor Ms Holmokova commented as they arrived together at court.

    The case was adjourned until 13 October.

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  2. Goldman men are butt ulgy I guess, so they use money to buy women.
  3. US tax dollars at work...courtesy of the FED/Treasury TARP.
  4. What a weak pathetic pussy.
  5. This has to be his worst investment of his life. 500K gets a lot of f$%ks without the emotional baggage.....should have kept it simple. :p
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    I guess he was thinking why rent when . . .
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    And just think how much more he could get as he offered 500 pound,not dollars

  8. must be why my superday got off on such a bad note, my handsome mug walking through the door....

    yea that's it.

    oh to be a vampire squid....
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    I think ANY guy has thought twice about paying for sex with a pornstar or girl they've found really hot if they offered and had the money.

    Forget the retarded bigotry of others objecting to it but paying an escort girl to leave her husband? There's a limit to how disgracefully manipulative you can be with money.
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