Yet another thread about Madoff

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  1. Geez people. keep it to one thread instead of flooding the forum. The guy is a wanker; shit happens.

    I'll now post a snippet of some news article to justify the existence of this thread to the moderators


    The battle to tell the Bernard Madoff story is under way.

    Only a week after Mr. Madoff was arrested by federal agents on a charge of securities fraud, News Corp.'s HarperCollins Publishers said it has acquired world rights to a book about Mr. Madoff to be written by journalist Andrew Kirtzman. The HarperCollins book, which doesn't yet have a title, is to be published in 2010.

    News Corp. also owns Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

    Separately, Bertelsmann AG's Random House imprint said late Thursday that it, too, is acquiring the rights to a Madoff book. The so-far untitled work by investigative reporter Richard Behar is to be published in 2010.

    "This is a story that isn't going away," said Claire Wachtel, an executive editor at the Harper imprint who acquired Mr. Kirtzman's book. "It's the human element that makes it so interesting."

    Investors' losses in the alleged fraud could exceed $50 billion, according to a criminal complaint filed by prosecutors against Mr. Madoff, founder and primary owner of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.
  2. Madoff will sell the exclusive rights to his "story" to 300 different publishers! :cool: