Yet another TA munblings thread...

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  1. and the high risk (potentially high reward, couldn't care less, stop in place) trade...

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  2. Can anyone validate this? I'm not very literate on Mr. Oneill's teachings..
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  5. This cool candle merging "thing", volume... -- DB2 was "da" man.
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  6. I rarely use candles but interesting concept with the candle merge, it's worked with bars for years. When one becomes unconventional, discoveries are sometimes made.

    Do you trade/invest or just antidote charts and paste stockchart's stockcharts on your blog?
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  7. infolode, I'm an active swing trader of stocks - have traded e-minis in the past and will likely go back to it when: job situation is in place, psychological is rock solid, new emini trading plan is bulleft proof...

    I post all my "real" trades in my blog, here:
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  8. Some trend fighters here, imagine what they can do when the trend is up...

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  9. I know, I know. I keep hearing from people, what's your problem? Looking for longs when the market is saying "short". Here's Wal-Mart.

    The daily chart shows it has bounced from the 45.50 area which happens to be the 50% fib retracement from 12 to 49 - no? Look at the volume activity on the up days or recent rebound. What does that tell you?

    Likely that some big fund managers believe WMT can benefit from the weak dollar (and I guess much more, I'm no an economist) - Right now the chart is telling me: Buy if it breaks the high of that inside bar and have your stop right at $47 (not a recommendation, just an idea).

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    (disclaimer: not a recommendation).

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