Yet another stupid Q about multi monitor setups

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Old School, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. I have only one vga slot. But there is a dvi slot also.

    My Q:

    Can I use a second monitor only using the dvi slot or is the dvi slot somehow paired to the one vga slot?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. gnome


    No such thing as "DVI slot", nor "VGA slot"..

    There are VGA and DVI Ports.. on the video card to attach a monitor.

    There's an AGP slot... to install an AGP video card onto the mobo.

    There's a PCI slot... to install a video card (or other PCI device, like a modem)

    Are you saying there is both a VGA port and DVI port on your video card?

    And... did you get your LCD monitors? PC Connection has a Hanns-G 19", on sale for $117, AR, ship included.
  3. Yes and Yes!

    I think it came out to less than $100 after rebate.

    So now what? I have VGA and DVI ports.
    Can I use 2 monitors? One on each type or port?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. gnome


    Yes. Just attach a 2nd monitor to the other port. If the monitor has the wrong type of connecting cable, you can either get the right kid of cable on most models, or get a VGA-DVI adapter plug.

    Then, go into Display/Settings... click on the grey-out monitor icon and check the box below... "Extend Windows Destop to this monitor."
  5. Luckily Hanns G sent both cables, the vga and dvi cords.

    When I get home, I'll try it out and let ya know.
  6. Yup - plug and play. I'm good to go!

    I didn't even have to load drivers or anything.

    I had no idea that if you have a video card with both vga and dvi ports, that you can have a dual monitor setup.

    Pretty cool.

    Now, do you have Monday's WSJ? That'll really help too. lol

    Thanks for your help.

    ps: If this Hanns G holds up for at least a year or two, I'll be very happy. I can't believe I bought a 19" LCD for $100!
  7. Now I am really confused...

    I enjoy a really nice port before dinner...

    But where do I stick my card into? and I don't do make up your mind...