Yet another study confirms global warming is human-caused

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  1. This time we’re talking about rising ocean temperatures.
    This has commonly been applied to trends in atmospheric temperatures (as shown in the 2007 IPCC report), where it’s clear that the observed warming wouldn’t have happened without rising greenhouse gases.

    Increasingly reliable records of ocean temperatures have now allowed some of these same researchers to confidently apply the technique to Earth’s seas. This is important because some 90 percent of all the energy trapped by human greenhouse emissions has ended up in the ocean, not the atmosphere. The trend with ocean heat content is clear—it’s rising. The question is whether that rise could be caused by natural variations.

    Researchers averaged the results from a number of climate models, and compared that to global temperature records for the upper 700 meters of the ocean from 1960 to 1999. The temperature record is less complete for the deep ocean, and its massive volume and separation from the surface subdues its response to climatic changes. In addition to the global average, they also analyzed each of the major ocean basins (North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, North and South Indian) separately.

    They found that the anthropogenic “fingerprint” was apparent in the observed temperature record at the 99 percent confidence level. That means the observed warming is beyond the variability seen in model simulations where greenhouse gases are kept constant, but is exactly what the models predict for a world in which humans change the composition of the atmosphere.
  2. 1960? Wow. Maybe you should go back a couple more million years...
  3. Which begs the question, what caused it all the NUMEROUS times it happened before humans were industrialized, AND, the NUMEROUS times the climate changed DRAMATICALLY before humans walked the earth?
  4. There isn't one liberal global warming religious fantastic who will address that. But...Carbon credits exchanged between dinasours I'm sure will explain how they fixed it.
  5. why does it have to be the same cause? why couldnt the cause be unique to man this time? the effect is what we need to worry about.
  6. Don't you like referring to Occam's razor when discussing the whole creation issue? Same thing applies here. Whatever was the major contributing factor during prior instances of climate change are most likely to be the major factors this time around. Of course, there is a small human factor which doesn't help the situation, but if every human died today, every factory was shutdown, every car turned off, all emissions gone for good, climate change is still coming. Thinking we can tax our way out of it is an exercise in futility, and of course, political bullshit for the never ending campaign trail.
  7. Well it's a pretty sure thing that is was NOT from the combustion of huge amounts of fossil fuels causing the release of 6 billion tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere

    For your (further?) education....
  8. does it make a difference to the human race if catastrophic climate change comes in 10 years or 10000 years?
  9. Did Jesus ever talk about altruism for FUTURE generations ? No. Thus what happens beyond our own lifetimes does not matter. To us, now. All good Christians know this.
  10. there is some of this involved in conservative thinking. since they are taught that jesus will return someday soon and take them all up to heaven why worry about the enviroment.
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