Yet another short that IB doesn't have!

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by newestmember, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. CALM

    Last week it was NPSN
    The week before it was EGHT
    The week before it was TASR
    The week before it wa NTES, which I tried to short at $63 the day they warned (afterhours)

    etc etc etc
  2. so what
  3. Sanjuro


    Change to Ameritrade, they have a large short list if you're
    interested in shorting.
  4. Bob111


    as i mentioned before-i trashed VERY profitable system, only because IB does not let me short too many stocks(simply-they not let me short winners, and losers of course-all mine))))). only because of very high expectation i was able to be flat on it,before i stoppped trade it. i'm not sure about to change a broker,because IB comm and API(system was fully automated). i'm also not sure,if another broker will let me short all this stuff+ i have to rebuild all system(if they have their own API). looks like-there is no other way-but to try it by open account with diffeerent brokers, which is also really time consuming. i dont want to place 30+K to trade one system with one broker and another 30+ to trade another system.
    feel your pain.
  5. RADN has an extremely low short position, yet no shares available to short at IB....

    I wouldn't short RADN long-term, but I would like to be able to trade it both ways...
  6. Bob111


    i can't short 5 out of 5 stocks,given to me by my scaner from yesterday. good price and volume stocks from $7 and 400K to 40 and 1.5M. entry conditions are meet on two of them and i did not make about 5% on each. how about that?
    but-what strange-i never see opposite situation. like-system bring you stock for short,it not shortable and it hit stop on next day. never.
    they always welcome you to short losers.