Yet another risk to consider...

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    O Canada!
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  4. If the net is out... at a minimum one can use his cell to call his broker and do something defensive if need be.
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  5. Best to login using the phone - it's doubtful you would get through to customer service in the timely manner.
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    Or better, use your cell phone to tether as a backup to your main Internet connection.

  8. Smart phone you don't have to - use your brokers app.
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    Traders with a lot of cash on the line trading shorter time frames should be using a multi-Wan router which allows you to use multiple ISP's at the same time, including cell like 4G LTE.

    This gives you load balancing so that are using all available BW. You can also setup custom link routing based on speed or packet error rates.

    This gives you a bullet proof network at a low cost - pretty darn close to it since any ISP problems are made completely transparent.

    You can get these multi-WAN routers for as low as $59, they work great and have other features like supporting VPNs, good firewalls, & plenty of statistics
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