Yet another reason the country is going down the tubes.

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  1. IMHO this attitude crosses most "boundaries", man, woman, white, brown, black, it doesn't matter.
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  2. wildchild


    This guy is the victim of a racist society and everything would be better if guys like Mitt Romney paid their fair share.
  3. Unfuckingbelieveable
  4. pspr


    I couldn't tell if that was RCG or AK-47. Anyone know?

    I love the way he wipes his nose all over his face. :confused:
  5. Absolutely disgusting.

    Most 8 year olds wouldn't even do that.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    And just Imagine the band of misfits this generation is creating, the boomers were the ones who started the whole "awards for everyone society" thinking they could make things better, but the boomers atleast had the quality that they worked their asses off, then the generation they created was the occuturd generation where no one should have to work for anything, and janitors should get paid the same amount as doctors, so i wonder what the children of fools like this guy are going to be like.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The real tragedy: He is allowed to vote.
  8. Their kids are going to be "super seniors". You know what a super senior is? A 21 year old in 12th grade with a 6th grade education, who spends two years in college for remedial "education" and never finishes. Then goes on to work for the TSA or "security" or some lameass state job where they can text all day and talk about "booty". This of course is the path of the "house Negro's" His cousints, brothers, uncles and dad be in prison.

    I was reading this book about a young black man, never met his father. But he did.....he met him in jail years later, shared the same cell..touching....should be a lifetime movie....
  9. That's obama's boy.
  10. Reminds me of a joke, kinda'. There's a white kid, a mexican kid and a black kid all in the 4th grade. Which one has the bigger cock? The black kid of course. He's 18 years old.:eek:
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