Yet another reason liberals suck!

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  1. (OLDER REASON 1) Liberal 11 year old goes and screws the neighborhood boys...gets pregnant...liberals defend the 11 yr. old's right to an abortion without parental consent!!!!! THE 11 YEAR OLD DECIDES HER OWN CHOICES!!!

    (OLDER REASON 2) Liberal reasoning (Charlie Rangel to be exact) - 18 year olds should be drafted and FORCED to die for their country...but, heaven forbid they be able to have a beer!

    (OLDER REASON 3) Liberal reasoning: The government can decide that the ADULT citizens can be FORCED to buy health insurance

    NEW REASON: Liberal reasoning...ADULTS (those over 18) who want to gamble on-line...liberals make this against the law!

    LIBERALS NEED TO STFU! Even under the Bush years this was not prosecuted to this extent!

  2. You full of gas .....

    prosecution is to collect fines , hence revenue , for the deficit .:)
  3. pspr


    Speaking of Charlie Rangle, why is he still in Congress instead of in jail?
  4. Lucrum


    Apparently our current "system", such as it is, is not working too well.