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    I agree with maverick. I am in Chicago too, have worked for a few trading firms, and dont know any that require someone to put up money. The 800 resumes for 2 positions is a bit steep (what firms was that for?). You definitely need a degree the more technical and more prestigious the better but there are a bunch of big10 guys around. Also I have never seen anyone manually speculate with charts thinking they can predict the future; thats only for the propaganda books. trading assistants
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  2. I recently graduated from a CUNY college, with double majors in accounting and finance, and I am half way done with the CPA exams. I don't think I am short on education at this time.

    The CUNY college is such a mediocre school, I am just not equipped enough to compete with those "big 10 guys" on the hiring process. I have to be realistic here. I am being proactive by looking for prop firms with high acceptance rate and lower requirement than those of the companies like that you mentioned and Jane Street. Jane Street hires winter interns form MIT and Harvard. For me, forget about these companies man...I like stock market, i really want to try it first. but some company charges fee for the education, that is too much to bear for me.

    I really appreciate your encouragement. And I agree with you about the negative ppl.
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  3. Do you agree with Maverick about the part that he says, "There is no long term future there. I'm just being honest. "?
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    I dont know what T3 is and dont know anything about prop shops that are unlike those in Chicago. If you have to put money up then I consider it a brokerage firm, not a trading firm.
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