Yet Another Prop Firm Hiring

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    Job Description

    Proprietary Trading Opportunity

    Tower Hill Trading LLC is seeking motivated individuals to join our reputable proprietary training program. To share in this opportunity, incoming traders must be fully committed to trading and motivated for success. In addition, applicants must have a tenacious work ethic and superior math skills. Prior trading experience is not required, but beneficial. At THT, there are no capital contributions or license tests required to trade.

    At THT, you will be guided by our most seasoned and successful traders. These mentors will share their proven and effective methods of success from which you can derive your own trading strategies.
    Tower Hill Trading uses only the best and most stable trading platforms and provides options to fulfill our trader's needs. THT currently offers the newest daytrading software, Takion, in addition to the industry standard, Lightspeed Trader. THT provides its traders with a technologically advanced trading environment and our impressive trading floor is located in the heart of the Loop in downtown Chicago.

    Tower Hill Trading will provide the tools and fundamentals needed for our traders to become successful. If you consider trading a career and not a hobby, contact us today or visit our site at to learn more about what THT has to offer.

    Benefits of Tower Hill Trading:
    • No Capital Contributions
    • No License Exams
    • Exceptional Training and Mentoring
    • Access to the best trading platforms available
    • Experienced Management and Support
    • Entrepreneurial Environment
    Desired Skills & Experience

    Bachelors degree from a top university, degree in business, mathematics or finance preferred.

    History of academic excellence.

    Ability to make good decisions under pressure.

    Entrepreneurial and self-motivated character.

    Demonstrated interest in trading, financial markets and technology.

    Strong background in competitive sports or extracurricular activities.

    Prior internship or experience in trading is a plus, but not required to start.
    Company Description

    Tower Hill Trading is a leading proprietary trading firm based in The Loop if Chicago, IL.
    We offer traders a superior trading environment, the opportunity to learn from the best, state of the art technology and extremely competitive payouts.
    We specialize in NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX equities. We pride ourselves on developing some of the best traders in the business. At Tower Hill Trading, outstanding success is always rewarded no matter how junior or senior a trader may be.
  2. how is this firm getting around the series 56 or series 7 testing requirement that other reputable firms require? something seems wrong here.
  3. Maverick74


    Because it's a "real" prop firm. No DEPOSIT.
  4. I know absolutely nothing about them and I already know they are a rip off.

    There'a a piill that will make your penis bigger, but it's only available for men that seriously want it.

    If there ever was a real firm hiring traders (and there never has been one) they would tell you how much, because that is the language of traders. How big is the account, what is my cut, what is your cut?

    ooh, I have a bachelors degree, aren't I special! I knew that 100k I borrowed from the government would finally pay off.

    I'm damn sure a self starter so this should be perfect for me.

    And the great thing is, experience preferred but not required.

    So far my only experience is posting on ET.
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    Are you f*cking insane? Dude, there are 30 firms like this in Chicago and I know just about every one of them. This is the norm in Chicago.
  6. right on
  7. Lucias


    There is also Kershner in Texas. Problem is for anyone who's had a modicum of success, they don't pay a salary. Unless you already live there, i.e with a parent then it really isn't rational to go to work for a prop firm.

    Even if you are let's say pretty successful from the "get go" and start making a few K per month (say $250 per day) then as much as it cost to live then I think it would be hard to get ahead and build an account.

    You'd just be making a living in a very hard way and you wouldn't be getting the career advancement in most any other job or the benefits.

    I tried to go the prop route myself. My plan was to go down to Texas with all my savings. But, I had family obligations. I'm actually glad I didn't go because I didn't know how much it cost to live at that time -- I wouldn't have been broke within 1 or 2 months.

    Sure it sounds good but unless you live with your parents in the same area then it really isn't a viable option for most of us. Successful folks need remote funding or a prop that pays a real salary -- not a "draw".

    My only option is to build my own business.. sell my systems on C2 and other sites, offer products on my website, and work save my money from work a real job to trade. Sometimes I'd like to take the "easy way out" but at end of day, if I make it work then I'll be trading my way and bringing in extra income while getting the benefits from a professional job.
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    If you are only making 2k a month they are going to fire you. You are not going to have to worry about that for long.
  9. Shanb


    Know a couple of the traders there, talked to the owner when I first got into the city. A good friend of mine will be running one of the mentorship programs...will ask him and see if I can get some details
  10. Lucias


    Maverick.. even if you made 5k per month or $250 per day then you're bringing home at a 50 split 2k. I imagine making $250 every single day would be pretty good for prop trader. At least Bella had made it a big deal for his traders to set a $500 goal.. I believe it was $500

    Of course, I dunno how much "risk" they give their traders and capital to swing.

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