yet another IB PROBLEM - ORDERS

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  1. i click on a stop market order - and i get at MTL market order
    i click on a stop limit order - and i get a MKT PRT order
    i click on a trail stop order - then i get a stop market order

    fcuking unbelievable - and today two stop market orders failed to trigger even though price traded thru.....its madness......every time they do an update, a bunch of shit always goes wrong.....who else has this problem?
    i've had this problem for at least a few days now, i only started to trade futures a few days ago so it may have been a problem for a while now - i don't know.
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    i've had similar issues.
  3. Stops dont trigger outside regular market hours unless you configure them too.
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  5. There's also a <i>lovely</i> bug that sets turns off the trigger outside RTH flag no matter how you submit. It was an earlier bug that I noticed again this morning with 872 and 871. I'm going to do some more testing with different TWS versions tonight and see if I can figure out when it broke again.

    As an aside I was very impressed IB contacted me within an hour of my posting the problem this morning. Now i need to re-verify it, I was rushing to get the orders in this morning (usually I do it the night before -- but I didn't feel like digging out my STP device).

  6. I'm pissed about the bugs as much as anyone else, but that comment is just stupid. Tons of very large institutions use IB, as do tons of individual traders.

    Do you work for just2trade? Full disclosure please.....
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    No, I don't have any connection with Just2Trade.

    I just point it out as one example of alternative brokers with reasonable fees.

    Just read the comments on this site about how unreliable IB is !!! That is proof enough for any serious trader to steer clear of this lousy cheap outfit.

    At IB you get a goofed up trading platform and intermittent screwed up data and execution.

    Just look back at the numerous comments on this site.

    You're about the only one that seems to always defend IB. Do YOU have a 'special' interest in IB?

    IB and you belong in a "side show" at a circus.

    I hope this helps.

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    Is the "stop" not triggering problem happening only for Futures or for Stocks too?
  9. You know, even though I have very few of the problems mentioned, I might consider other brokers.

    Until I realize that the pinheads who are always telling us to go elsewhere, are, well, pinheads.

    Im staying at IB. Thanks for making my decision easy.
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    If you stick with IB you're the pinhead !

    They just can't seem to respond to their customers concerns.

    IB is definitely NOT for professional traders.

    I hope this helps.

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