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    How many ex bund locals just sat on their butt and awaited for the Bund Auction- grabbed a few ticks then went home,I am ashamed to confess I am one of them
  2. Well, it all depends what is your aim.
    It was range trading and it was quite obvious that we won't pass 140 and it didn't want to go down below 139.50.

    So from my perspective nothing happened, :).
    If I take few ticks it won't make my daily p&l.
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    Yes, this comes back to the old scalping style ( tick for tick)- following the the T-Note.I have many buddies that used to actively scalp- now they just postion trade ( less overheads).Wait for data/news to be released then only trade- damm boring.I now wait for data to be released and look for 50 ticks with a stop of 12 ticks
  4. So you're an ex-bund local who trades the bund - WTF does that mean?

    1 week ago you were looking for 8 ticks now it's a mere 50.

    You think clearers are greedy yet you want to trade and NOT pay facilities and tax but if you need the police,fire and health services you will call in a hearbeat and bizarrely don't consider yourself greedy.

    Always funny when you get one of these nutters come along,keep it up son.
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    I never use the Police, Ambulance, fire service as I refuse to be a scrounger and take money from the public purse- they are all on the " gravy train"- hence I dont agree with it
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    And on topic- " council tax" for some lazy bums to empty my dustbin every 2 weeks and costs me £190 a month- thats poor service