Yet another easy 5 pts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wally_, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Same way, the lazy man way to profits: 61.8% FR within the first 30 min bar in ES. And you people want to tell me that TA does not work or that a trend day (or a non-trend day) is killing you?

    Well, if you want to think so, that's even better for me...

    20 minutes of work for $500. You want to make it harder? Be my guest, I could not care less...
  2. Quah


    LOL. If it's so easy, why are you only trading 2 contracts?
  3. Ditch


    Perhaps you can afford a shrink now. You need it.:p
  4. That's easy, why do you suspect something fishy here? I can afford only three. One was left for something else.
  5. I really don't think I need one... Sorry pal.:D
  6. ElCubano


    The market has its own way of making us humble again.......keep up the good work....
  7. acrary


    5pts. out of a 7 pt. range so far....that's some pretty fine trading, Wally.
  8. Ditch


    that anybody believes that this guy has made one single trade in whole life. He's just a sick faker.
  9. Dude, you sound like me a few months ago, and then everyone quickly gets tired of the same old shit. I now know what they were talking about.
  10. Wally, could you explain exactly what you're doing? Do you wait for the first 30 minute bar to complete?
    #10     Dec 3, 2002