Yesterday's Trading Volume

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BCE, Dec 28, 2010.

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    In regard to yesterday, the finance guy from the all-news radio station in LA yesterday said that yesterday was the lightest volume trading day of the year. No surprise to us. But then he also said that it was the lightest volume trading day since 1998. Sure seemed that way. :) Let's hope it picks up today.
  2. Hope is a bad word for a trader... yesterday hurt and I don't need to learn my lesson again hahaha
  3. ?.....what's his name from where? :confused:
  4. That being the case, I'm happy I for being green......... :cool:
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    jim c

    I think the snowstorm in the NE part of the US had an impact on volume. Lots of traders unable to make it into work. It was very very slow. Jim
  7. spy and qqqq both have even lower volume today
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    Another pathetic day. I don't like trading on days like today. Too much grind for too little profit. Plus I was imaging the traders all looked and thought like Alfred E. Neuman. :) (Not us of course. :))

    [​IMG] And I hear that Alfred is under consideration to replace Bernanke. Hmmm.