Yesterday's and today's big selloff

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. lojze


    Who really understand yesterday's late afternoon and today's morning's selloff in strong stocks like CSCO?

    Indexes really didn't go up so much...

  2. lojze


    To be more precise:

    Did any TA indicator show this setup in the preparation?

  3. the declines(selloffs) you mentioned occurred as a result of the actions taken after several conditions were evaluated... CSCO news... economic news... etc.

    it is the "weight" of the news that forecasts direction.
  4. lojze


    So no T/A indicator was able to show this?

  5. Lojze, are you EVER gonna get it dude? You keep looking for some magic trading tool that is gonna EXPLAIN why things happen. Just GET OVER IT. Just accept that the market does what it does and that sometimes it CAN"T be explained.

    Sure, sometimes you are gonna get caught on some moves like that, but that's just trading. Learn to live with it.
  6. what sell off?

    DOW finished at highs, Nasdaq near highs.

    please be more specific?
  7. He was talking about CSCO late yesterday and this morning.