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  1. was like shooting fish in a barrel. Today the fish are shooting back at me.
  2. Yesterday,
    all my trades seemed to go just my way,
    Now all they do is go the other way,
    Oh I believe in yes-ter-day.

    My account's not as healthy as it used to be,
    Margin calls are hanging over me,
    Oh I believe in yes-ter-day

    Why I had to trade
    The fu-tures, I'll never know,
    Some-thing, told me don't
    but I did and now I'm broke oh-oh-oh

    yesterday . . . .
  3. That's a good one Tech Analysis (very funny!). I bet you were saving that one up for a moment like this.
  4. Let's just say it defined my entire first year of trading. :(
  5. that's how i feel today. i'm definitely in the dumps. :( :mad:
  6. well ... i guess it's almost time to sell (i've been long since the open:) )
  7. u130747


    Oh my gosh sell in this bull market.!!!!

  8. QCOM has taken a run straight up from the open..might take the profit about right here, tomorrow is another game.
    NVDA a bit flat but managed to scalp about 50 cents (B4 comms of course:) )
  9. :mad:
  10. holy hell QCOM is on a tear, i luv it:D

    GO BABY GO!!!:D
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