Yes we have seen the top

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    May be....

    The chart is the fact - rest all is good conversation..
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    most of the world's major index futures are going down.

    Interestingly only India index futures is going up.
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    I am not a fan of fundamental analysis. But Nifty is probably one of the very few cases where currently the fundamentals and the technicals match - a great combination...
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    JPowell says Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. %%
    Mr Grant is a fun read.
    Chicoms are correlated to thierself+ really could not blame a US national credit downgrade on chicoms, it's US spending way to much.
    Bull market is still a good uptrend , plenty of inverse ETfs going up.............................................................. SPY, spxl, upro .......nice OCT uptrend:caution::caution:
  7. Fed says “I’ll see your Evergrande and raise you 3 trillion”

    Markets aren’t allowed to drop longer than a few weeks anymore. It’s in the Fed Charter
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    This kind of stuff has been bandied about for over 10 years. A "Lehman 2.0" is impossible under the Chinese system unless her rulers actually want to trigger it. As for Chinese equities, the top occurred already months ago.

    The only significant risk to the US equity market is that skyrocketing inflation traps the Fed into a hawkish stance, which can't be panic-reversed the way they did in late 2018. I have my doubts about this, but risk of it seems to be rising by the day.
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    The markets have been in a downtrend for 5 weeks, and still going. That is more than "a few weeks".

    There is no PPT. Tapering is coming. Shaping up to be an ugly quarter. Did you see the market reaction to the minutes today at 2PM EDT? Jittery AF.
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    This thread didn't age well.

    Jim Grant is perma-bear I've seen him on the tele 100s of times since the collapse of Lehman and he tells the same story over and over.

    At least that NYU professor Roubini doesn't come on anymore -- he was god awful.
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