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    I knew it! The reason he cant show his birth certificate is not because he was born in kenya, it is because he was born in hell.
  2. For anyone interested that watched the whole video at the end you may have seen and heard the world Nairf. This word "Nairf" pops up alot in backwards speech and its always in the context of an authoritative ruling power. The word pops up for many different words, so its not a specific word said backwards that produces this word.

    I think Electronic voice phenomenon(EVP) has some influence over what is heard when played backwards(for those of you that believe in that). The fact that several different words played backwards can make the same sounding word does not seem logical, yet it happens.
  3. You guys aren't serious are you??? I mean, I don't THINK you are, but I'm just making sure...

  4. ALL intelligence agencies around the world that are worth a $hit are using Reverse Speech recording mechanisms like there is no tomorrow....this has been a major truth detection/interrogation breakthrough tool of the past 5 to 7 years! :cool:
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    I was making fun of the birthers and this video, i was not serious.

  6. Human beings subconscious has MASSIVE control over many aspects of human interaction to INCLUDE : SPEECH.

    Humans have a hell of a time lying at the subconscious level, so the truth COMES OUT one way or another. Why do you think there is such emphasis now in intelligence agencies to conduct DETAILED audio recordings of all interrogation activities? Speech patterns and reverse speech have been found extremely beneficial to verify information found through interrogations. If your target is not telling the truth you can keep going back for more REAL-TIME.....until the target starts to show verifiable cooperation (with information reveled that is now usable and actionable). :cool:

    You don't have to go full Jack Bauer on targets all the time now to find the REAL truth! :D ..........thanks REVERSE SPEECH! :cool: