yes this is proof you should not hunt animals

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    "This woman in the video found this lion injured in the forest ready to die. She took the Lion with her and nursed the Lion back to health. When the Lion was better, she made arrangements with a Zoo to take the Lion and give it a new and happy home.
    This video was taken when the woman after some time went to visit the Lion to see how he was doing. Watch the Lion's reaction when he sees her. "
  2. The body language of the lion is really different from human. So, I don't know how the lion figured out hugging is a show of affection.
  3. Hear the one about the snake that experienced the same
    healing? He bit his kind woman, she asked, "after I nursed you back to health and fed you why would you bite me?" the snake replied, "because I'm a snake bitch".

    The lion story is great.
  4. I advise you lowlife that think you're better than animals to reconsider.

    I am glad I was appalled by hunting at a very young age. Never indulged. Not even crazy about fishing.

    Unless you're doing it to survive, it's murder.

    Nothing less. Yep, that means many of you are murderers.

  5. Is this a pic of you stock777? :p
  6. nursebee


    I would argue that trophy hunting is different than hunting for sustenance.

    Do you eat chicken, beef, pork, fish, gelatin, and items with animal derived products? If so, and you want to argue that hunting should not be done, you are out of touch with reality and should go visit a processing plant. If one wants to argue that they think hunting is wrong when done for food, it is only an arguable point if one is a vegetarian. Otherwise, talk to the hand.

    Nice hugging lion (or whatever) does not prove one should not hunt.

    This former vegetarian enjoyed some cold steak for breakfast.
  7. Eating animals raised for slaughter, has nothing to do with hunting (murder) for pleasure.

    I you don't see the difference, you're delusional.
  8. you were headed in right direction but have lost your way :D
  9. Nursebee had a change of mind seeing how it turned you and your kind's reasoning process into feelings and stuff.
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