Yes, There Are Deeply Angry Democratic Members of Congress

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    This email is from a lawmaker and it should give you a flavor for what's going on right now in Congress.

    Got to love the colorful language used here!!
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  4. its a little late to get mad. where were they while the rape was in full swing?

    and f&^k credit counseling , we need to investigate and prosecute the scumbags that caused this crisis.

    on being found guilty, all monies confiscated.

    you got a problem with that?
  5. Be careful what you wish for. The Subprime mess was boosted to full throttle by Bill Clinton. Read and learn how both parties participated in promoting mortgages for the poor. Works when home prices are rising, shit to pay when they drop.
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    sorry guys, my bad

    I didn't spend my $300 rebate check to stimulate the economy

    first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to the bank and withdraw it and head to Walmart.
    That should kick start the economy.
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    Sounds like a typical politician. All bitching and no brains.
  8. Yes, let's make lots of new punitive, draconian regulations. They'll make everyone else miserable and unproductive, but will only be symbolic in the current crisis. This may lead to something that will make Sarbanes Oxley look mild

    What an idiot. He/she is much more interested in venting and being vengeful than solving the problems at hand. So typical of the Left--emotions trumping logic once again. And the cowardly line about "someone hold them down while I beat the crap out of them" is very telling.

    I'm no fan of the current administration, but if this is representative of what we'll see next, Heaven help us.

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    Lots of haters here.

    The point here is Paulson is asking for a blank check 700B.

    I rather see this kind of reaction than here is the "yes" vote and go play.

    Also, if they don't ask government for help, there will be no point for regulation. At the minimum, CDS is option and should be traded regulated like options.
  10. No, the point is the idiot you quoted will turn this into something far worse (if that's possible) than it already is. He brought the hatred on himself with that pathetic little hissy fit. What a nancy.

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