Yes , the WSJ reports that Stock777 was right, yet again.

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    U.S. securities regulators are conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the complex relationships between rapid-fire trading firms and stock exchanges, according to the official overseeing some 20 probes into computerized trading.

    The inquiry into ownership and other ties is part of a broader probe into whether high-speed traders have unfair advantages over other investors, according to people familiar with the matter.
    So, for years the scum here have defended the billions being skimmed with an unfair competitive advantage. Now they are silent. Must all be retreated to their private islands, purchased with ill gotten gains.
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    You have some massive ego issues.
  4. the problem isn't HFT itself, the problem is who it is used by.

    think of it this way:
    is the problem in the us the constitutionally bound government or is it the politicians who ignore the constitution?
  5. you shouldn't be allowed to sit your box right beside exchange servers, there's just smthg obviously wrong with that
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  7. Who is Stock777? The WSJ mentions a Stock777??? Weird..

  8. why not? there are many retail brokers who use colocation services, such as speedtrader and choice trade. they open accounts for anyone off the street! collocation services are available to everyone, if they know what they're looking for.