YES!!!!! The bots are tearing you a new one. Heres's HOW

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by stock777, May 11, 2010.

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  2. ammo


    legalized front running for stops and tips em off to accumulation and distribution
  3. and you thought they were just clever geeky boyz
  4. The only thing you need to know about these businesses is that they are owned by the brokers themselves.

    It's akin to going on vacation and coming home to find your family room is moved out onto your front lawn, and they are holding a garage sale selling of all your shit....

    But its only a garage sale the regulators cry....
  5. Very incriminating in how the exchanges are letting data seep into the hands of the highest bidder... or should I say, highest bid :)

    Talk about an offer you can't refuse ...
  6. JamesHDL


    Remarkable new information. Most disturbing.
  7. ammo


    morals and scruples,business principles,are held in our personal banks,when the law of the land removes or eases laws and then manipulates them for profit ,the quality of those morals,scruples,business principles dwindle.......,why are hedge funds or hft's still unregulated,why would anyone unregulated be allowed to enter an's obvious that those voted into office clearly don't have the voters best interest at heart
  8. government will regulate. they will probably over regulate. then republicans will whine about big government. what they fail to realize is excessive government regulation always comes in response to abuses from the private sector. just like this case.
  9. whatever happened to banning HFT. nothing has changed since
  10. they only banned flash trade, not HFT.
    anyway. people should switch into Futures, or even Forex.
    #10     May 12, 2010