Yes, more hft scum games. yawwwwn.

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  1. So hft trades odd lots.... don't you?
  2. Why not just jump on board? If you are that staunch in your view of HFT, you should understand that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."
  3. Who in their right mind trades off of the consolidated tape anymore?
  4. So after consistently crying that HFT is screwing over small traders.. now your upset that HFT trades size like the small fish?

  5. Yeah, noobs all start off thinking the market owes them and the sooner they get over that sentiment, the better they do.
  6. I wonder what the new argument is going to be..

    its gonna go from "HFT is using HUGE size to move market against me to game me. F$%KING SCUM. SEND EM TO JAIL"


    "HFT is making me lose because it's pretending to be a small fish.. to move market against me!! why don't they act like the big fish they are and trade size!!! SCUM. SEND EM TO JAIL"
  7. It's absolutely hilarious how a bunch of "Elite Traders" here complaining about hft don't even know what the majority of hft programs are about. (hint: it's not front run you; it's to not get front run by you).

    I'm surprised that half of you manage to tell the difference between the Buy and Sell button.

  8. rew


    Well, from Prof. O'Hara quoted in that article:

    "The SEC should recognize this new role and change the reporting rules regarding odd-lot trades."

    So fine, the SEC should do that. Problem solved.
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