Yes, It’s a Blue Wave

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    The New York Times projects a national popular vote margin of roughly 8.5% for the Democrats. The FiveThirtyEight average for the generic congressional ballot gave Democrats a 8.7% lead.

    Sam Wang notes the popular vote margin in the last four midterm elections which were considered wave elections:

    • 1994: R+7.1%
    • 2006: D+8.0%
    • 2010: R+7.2%
    • 2014: R+5.7%
    By historical standards, that would be a wave election for the Democrats.
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  2. Here4money


    dat there gerrymandering
  3. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    The EC won't save Trump with those kind of numbers in 2020
  4. LOL. Sure it is

    It’s amazing how you dopes celebrate mediocrity, and in some cases (Beto) flat out losing!

    No wonder you guys love participation trophies so much.
  5. exGOPer


    This from the party of Trump University scammer.

    You must be very proud of the indicted criminals and dead pimps you elected and it took a lot of voter suppression and gerrymandering to get there.
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    Walter Shapiro: “The new Democratic House majority — and the almost certain return of Nancy Pelosi as speaker — represents a triumph over gerrymandering. Not too long ago political orthodoxy decreed that the Republicans would control the House until after the 2020 Census because the district lines were so artfully drawn by the GOP after the Democratic wipeout in the 2010 elections.”

    “Instead, the 2018 House elections were a belated vindication of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 strategy of pitching herself to college-educated suburban Republican women. These women were Clinton’s target audience when she maladroitly described half of Trump supporters as ‘a basket of deplorables’ because of their ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic’ views.”

    “As Trump in the White House fulfills every dire prophecy about his vitriolic fear mongering, affluent suburbs are increasingly becoming part of the permanent Democratic coalition.”
  7. TJustice


    Baloney .

    This was as typical mid term election for the opposition party. There are no big take aways. The Republicans squandered their chance to lead as the demcrats had done under Obama. After all both sides are paid to suck by the cronies. And the leadership keeps their ducks in a row with the threat of defunding or gerrymandering.

    Some suburban voters swung democrat. In part because the republicans in the house sucked and in part because a lot of people fell for the resist Trump stuff.

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    Dems got 10 million more votes, very typical while the dumbest of the dumb voted for Democratic policies while voting against Democrats. The red wall of stupid is intact and the Trump University Dean sure knows how to trigger them.
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    Funny dems dominate the lower IQ levels per the Berkeley studied I have presented to you numerous times.

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    Dem’s Midterm Haul Climbs To 31 House Seats As Handel Concedes In Georgia

    It'll probably end upwards of 35-40. Considering the gerrymandering they had to overcome, it was a shellacking.

    Also nearly 400 legislative seats, 7 governorships, and a majority of state AG's.

    Most devastating loss for republicans since the election after watergate.

    But why don't Dems accept defeat?
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